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MichelleTirmandi_Toronto Based Holistic Nutritionist Online Wellness Coach Michelle Nutrition

Michelle Tirmandi

I am a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist working with women who are looking to…

  • Feel healthy in their own bodies and create a healthy relationship to food
  • Use food and lifestyle changes to balance hormones
  • Use food and lifestyle changes to support pregnancy and postpartum

What to Expect

  • Realistic, manageable changes
  • Honest feedback
  • Full support & encouragement

My Wellness Philosophy

  • Simple, real-world approach
  • Self-love and respect
  • Abundance of whole foods

♥ Love Notes ♥

This challenge has been a wonderful experience! I am feeling fantastic, energetic, happy…and down about 8 pounds. You did a great job giving us the tools to do this. The shopping guide and meal/snack suggestions really helped. I still can’t believe I’m not craving the sugar and carbs that I always ate!

Hannah 28 Day Summer Slimdown

I actually feel great about the way I’ve been eating. The whole thing has been really positive and the choices I’ve made when it comes to eating have made me feel much better. We have ‘jeans day’ Fridays at the office and this past Friday I slipped into my jeans and they just felt different – good different. I also used to get really bad bloating and really painful gasses sometimes and all of that went away this week. My mood was much better – I have just been happier and I have felt more energetic. I went to my barre workout class this weekend and I just felt like I had all this energy. The change has been fairly significant for me so I am hoping to keep this up as much as I can.


Michelle’s program has helped me replace unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones.  The grocery store tour got me off to the right start, the group meetings were helpful for accountability, the Facebook group was great for motivation and I really appreciated how available Michelle was to answer my questions.  I was very happy to find out how much more the more nutritious foods filled me up so I am no longer overeating.  I’ve also learned how to balance my blood sugar throughout the day by planning ahead and always having healthy snacks available.  I actually enjoy my food more, now, too as my sense of taste has changed by eliminating sugar:  carrots are actually sweet!  My joints feel better, my mood has improved, I have more energy and I’m no longer obsessed with food or dieting.  Grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking have become a pleasure instead of a chore.  Last, but not least, I’ve lost 4% of my body weight and I’m getting compliments from co-workers on my appearance daily so I’m looking forward to continuing with the maintenance plan.  I would recommend – and have recommended – this program to anybody I know.

Katie 6 Week Clean Eating Program

For years I had suffered from Migraines and the frequency of my migraines kept increasing. Once I met with Michelle I was experiencing migraines weekly. From the moment I emailed her to see if she could help, she was determined to help me. Within  a few weeks of working with Michelle my migraines were gone. Not only was she able to help me with my migraines she has increased my energy levels no more 3pm slump!  I cannot thank Michelle enough for help and would strongly recommend anyone suffering from migraines or simply looking for nutrition advice to work with Michelle. She has a such friendly personality and offers helpful tips for everyday eating that isn’t daunting and simple to include in your everyday life.

Caitlin Client: 3 Month Program

This program has taught me what clean eating is and how to incorporate it into my life. I am more conscious of what I eat and drink now and have eliminated sugar, caffeine, and highly processed foods from my diet. I try to eat organic whole foods and follow a plant-based diet as much as possible. The grocery store shopping tour and shopping guide were extremely valuable in setting me up for success. Since starting this program six weeks ago, I have lost 16 pounds and gone down a size. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in putting a bounce in their step and sleeping more restfully.

Millie 6 Week Clean Eating Program

Michelle is very knowledgeable and demonstrates her passion for healthy eating and a healthy life style. She has taught me the importance of eating whole foods. I quickly saw and felt the positive changes it had on my body. Throughout the years, I’ve tried various diets and counted calories. However, I know see that it is so much more beneficial to just eat real and whole food and not worry about diets! Each time I met with Michelle she was very positive, celebrated my successes and gently challenged me to my next goal. She answered my MANY questions and provided me with appropriate information and articles. Michelle is extremely approachable and makes learning about nutrition enjoyable.

I highly recommend Michelle if you are looking to make a change to your lifestyle, to your body!!

Gayle C
Gayle C Client: 1 Month Program

When I started the Wellness and Weight Loss Challenge I was relatively fit, and pretty much resigned to the possibility that the weight I had been steadily gaining since high school was “just part of life”. In the first week what was promising to be a chronic skin inflammation healed. Coming off sugar and caffeine was a welcome relief. Getting educated about healthy eating has been a great way to form new habits that are with me for good now. I’ve adjusted to a new curve in relation to weight and am more centred on a healthy average that isn’t going to increase over time because I’m eating smartly. Do this program if you want to be more healthy and believe that forming new habits is the best way to make change.

JB 6 Week Clean Eating Program

Last August I had routine blood work done for my annual checkup. When I was called in for the results, I had the riot act delivered!  My blood sugar and cholesterol readings were too high. I was given 3 months to clean up my act and more blood work otherwise it was the pills and I did not want medication. Luckily I found out about Michelle’s 6 week nutrition challenge. It was the perfect solution with interesting weekly lectures, group sharing and lots of encouragement. We worked hard to meet our goals even with Christmas approaching and all the celebrations. It was an amazing journey with Michelle there for us every step of the way. I had excellent news with my next blood work. I halved the readings and at the same time dropped 13 pounds. I have to say I feel terrific. Michelle is a dedicated, knowledgable nutritionist who I really trust. I would recommend her to friends who need help without question.

Susan 6 Week Clean Eating Program

10 things I learned from Michelle and the Challenge:

1) there are 21 meals in a week, don’t beat yourself up if 1 isn’t “challenge” friendly
2) start the day with lemon and water
3) I need my nutrient packed morning smoothie for energy and feeling positive
4) choose high quality supplements (omegas, vitamin d and probiotics) for benefits, otherwise just expensive pee
5) coconut nut oil is good for you inside and out ! (Keep a container in kitchen for cooking and another in the bathroom for skincare)
6) I love almond butter and ryvita crackers for a snack (previously chocolate or sugary stuff)
7) my gut doesn’t hurt all the time
8) I have ventured into parts of the grocery store I had never been in before! (Kefir, hemp hearts, chia seeds are on my grocery list)
9) my husband and and 12 year old son asked for seconds when I served squash and lentil casserole (healthy can be tasty and satisfying)
10) plan ahead, so when you are hungry you don’t eat crap (batch cook, meal plan for the week, mason jars are handy for almonds)
11) move everyday (I go for a run each lunch after I dismiss the students). It’s a start…
12) everything has sugar in it! ( smoked salmon, ketchup, really?)
13) if ingredient list, has more than 5 items, sugar or anything I can’t pronounce on it, I don’t buy it!
14) clearly I learned more than 10 things!

Karin 6 Week Clean Eating Program

I have had great success with this program and will continue along. I have lost about 20lbs and feel much better. Also my blood pressure has been reduced significantly.  I have no cravings for sugar and have been exploring lots of different menu items, I have lost quite a few inches so my pants are happy.

John 6 Week Challenge Member

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle this past summer. She helped me reach my goals while still maintaining a balance in life. Michelle guided me in the direction of making small lifestyle changes that make a big difference in terms of health and personal growth and productivity.

Lauren Client

This program has changed the way I feel about fueling my body. I have learned that to get the best from my body I have to feed it the best. This change in my diet has improved my mood, my energy and helped support my fitness goals. My favourite part of this program was that I was never hungry, and after every meal I felt stronger for what I fed my body.

Melanie 6 Week Challenge Member

What a great experience I have had with Michelle Nutrition! I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy living but recently I have had to take it even more seriously. My dad is fighting back from a liver disorder and while I know a little bit we needed expert knowledge to help my dad find ways to ease his condition. Michelle quickly assessed my fathers specific needs and sent me a wealth of info which we applied right away. Thank you Michelle as you made a big difference in how we help my dad recover!

Charles Client

Throughout my time working with Michelle she has thoroughly demonstrated her passion for nutrition and helping people to reach their goals with the utmost professionalism. She helped me to lose the weight I needed to with her comprehensive and effective meal planning. I would gladly recommend Michelle to anyone who asked.

Brian Client
We’re implementing some changes in our family’s diet inspired by the information I learned through you including increasing the amount of organic or near-organic food we feed ourselves and our kids, reducing the frequency of poorer food choices, and investigating more into upgrading the quality of the supplements that we buy. I have a binder in our kitchen with your textbook and presentation slides for our quick reference. You have made a difference for us!
Haper Clean Eating Challenge

I saw my doctor on Wednesday and got great news from my results. I had lost 10lbs., since last weighed and combined with lowering my bad cholesterol from 4.16 to 2.9, he will for now, and as long as I continue this path, reverse his decision to putting me on drugs for cholesterol!!!!! All my goals I set, fulfilled!

K.H 6 Week Clean Eating Program

I have been pretty educated about clean eating for 7 years now, and have, in the past, lost a lot of weight eating clean.  However, in the past 2 years, I lost my focus and gained weight.  This past fall I decided to go “hardcore” and yet only lost 2 pounds in 5 weeks .  I was pretty devastated.  Then I asked Michelle for help.  She gave me some really wonderful advise and suggestions, and putting those to use, I have already lost 10 pounds in a month.  As exciting as that is, weight loss isn’t what this is solely about.  Michelle’s advise has opened my eyes to living this way for the long haul.  No more “8 weeks”, or “10 weeks”, just living a clean life on a daily basis.  Michelle was so thorough in her questioning, that I knew that every piece of advise she gave me was tailored just for me, with no judgement.  Thank you so much Michelle!  I really didn’t know what to do, but your knowledge and approachable demeanour have made a world of difference to me.

Kerrie Weight Loss Client

Michelle came to speak to us at York Region for our Health and Safety week. Michelle was Fabulous! We got lots great tips and valuable information. Michelle’s presentation was easy to follow and understand. Michelle was very professional, approachable and spoke openly to a room of about 40 people. Michelle was eager to answer our questions and provide suggestions to us Michelle provided our group with a few samples which everyone loved! We were also able to sign up for an email subscription where we could receive free recipes and tips weekly! We would definitely have Michelle back to present at our office. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is interested.

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