Baby Bump Update (27 Weeks!)

When I first found out that I was pregnant, my intention was to write regular blog posts about the experience. I intended to share the things that I was doing to have a natural and healthy pregnancy, and all the little bumps and learnings along the way.

But…sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we just don’t do what we had hoped, simply because life gets in the way! So, here I am, two thirds of the way in to my pregnancy sharing all about how about my pregnancy journey and what I have learned have so far. Better late then never, right?! {I should also probably warn you that this is a looooonng post!}

Michelle Tirmandi Pregnancy Update

27 Weeks Pregnant

This past Wednesday marked 27 weeks pregnant. (For all of those reading this who have never been pregnant and don’t feel like talking in ‘weeks’, which I agree can be somewhat annoying, 27 weeks is almost 7 months pregnant).

7 months! It feels crazy that Baby T will arrive in less than 3 months (the due date is October 5th but with only 4% of babies arriving on their actual due date, he or she could make an appearance anywhere from Sept 14 – Oct 19).

Another intention I had when this journey began was to take those cute baby pictures week by week with fruits and vegetables corresponding to the size of the baby. But, again, that didn’t happen. Instead I have been taking random selfies of my belly for when friends demand pics. Here’s my latest bump shot.

Michelle Tirmandi 27 Weeks Pregnant

My intention for this post is to share what I have learned so far along this journey, so here goes!

There is no normal in pregnancy.

Through talking to the other women in my life who have had babies, I learned pretty quickly that everyone has a very different experience with pregnancy and that no two pregnancies are the same. And while of course there are similarities with others, I have really been focused on my own journey and on finding peace in trusting my own body that it is undergoing a process that it knows how to do. It’s also been extremely helpful to have a midwife and doula who adhere to a similar philosophy and treat me as an individual.

Listening to your body is key. 

It may seem obvious to most people that you should really listen to your body during pregnancy and respond to it’s needs. But, I will be the first to admit that I have had a difficult time having to change the way that I normally live my life! At the beginning stages of pregnancy when fatigue is extremely common I found myself fighting the urge to rest. I wanted to continue on at 100 miles an hour doing a million things a day, and when my body told me to stop I didn’t want to listen. For someone who usually has way too much energy for their own good and is slightly obsessive about keeping to a fairly regular routine, it was really, really hard to shut that part of my brain off! Now, heading in to the third trimester, I’m also finding it harder to do a lot of the physical excercise that I am used to and have found myself a little bummed when I realized I couldn’t go as fast or hard as I used to.  Reminding myself that I am growing a little human inside of me who needs me to slow down and remembering that this is all temporary has helped a lot.

Physical changes are just as big as emotional changes. 

Of course the physical changes in pregnancy are huge, but one thing that I have noticed is how impactful the emotional changes have been on me. I have done a lot of work around what being a mom will mean to me, how it will change me and how I will manage those changes in the most positive way possible. Seeing close friends, and recently my sister, make the transition to motherhood has been incredibly helpful and constantly reminds me of the importance of supporting yourself with other women (it takes a village!). I’ve also been battling with the idea of letting go of control in some areas of my life (not an easy task for a control freak!).

Pregnancy can be a very enjoyable experience! 

I write in a gratitude journal regularly and almost every single day I write about how grateful I am for my health and the health of my baby. I have been very blessed with an incredibly easy and enjoyable pregnancy and haven’t experienced any of the most common complaints of pregnancy (magical pregnancy unicorn?  maybe!). My energy is still high, my digestion and skin are great,  I have no aches and pains, I have no weird food cravings and hormonally I feel extremely balanced…so far, that is!

Grateful for Everything

Even though I completely acknowledge that everyone has a different experience with pregnancy and am incredibly grateful for my wonderful experience, I know that this isn’t the case for everyone! Through this journey I have been very passionate about sharing what I know to be true around having a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy with others. I’ve also had some realizations in my business and plan to offer more services around helping women prepare for their bodies for pregnancy and learn to nourish themselves during the process (very exciting!).

With this, I  figured that I would share a little about what I have been doing to feel and stay well.

My Pregnancy Diet

Truth be told, my diet hasn’t really changed much since becoming pregnant. Besides avoiding the common unpasteurized or risky foods (i.e. raw sushi, unpasteurized cheeses etc.) and eating way more bread and cheese then I would have ever thought, I have no weird food cravings or aversions to report! A typical of day of eating includes: a glass of lemon water upon waking, a smoothie or some oats for breakfast, fruits and nuts for a snack, a big salad or bowl with some type of protein for lunch and dinner plus some type of homemade sweet treat (check out my latest matcha superfood energy balls).

Natural Supplements

I make a point of taking my supplements everyday! I know how hard it can be to be compliant with supplements, but when you know that you’re building your baby’s health through every bite of food and supplement that you take it becomes a lot easier!

Everyone’s supplement regime will be different based on their unique needs, but here’s what has been keeping me feeling great these past two trimesters (above and beyond my regular supplement regime):

I’ve also been anemic since the second trimester and have been managing that successfully through this and this.

Excercise Routine 

I am so happy that being pregnant in the summer allows for long walks and outdoor excercise! My excercise regime has stayed pretty consistent but I am just making a point to listen to my body while I am being active which generally means less intensity. I’ve been enjoying 1-2 Barre3 classes a week along with shorter at home online workouts, and 2-3 pre-natal yoga classes at the amazing Toronto Yoga Mama’s studio. I truly believe that staying active has been huge in keeping my energy levels so high.

Natural Products 

Since I am such a big proponent of natural skincare products I would be remiss without including at least a few of my favourites!

Matter Company Belly Jelly (I rub this on my belly every day to help avoid stretch marks and keep my skin feeling soft!)

Bebe de Luxe Coconut & Oat Bath Milk (I add this to my bath to keep my skin soft and smooth and it’s also great for baby’s skin too so I plan to continue to use it!)

I also a have a bunch of other amazing products that I love right now but I will share in another post because this post is already so long!

Plans for a Natural Childbirth

The biggest piece of advice that I have received about natural childbirth is to be flexible and adaptable with the birth plan. So, although my full intention and wish is to have a natural home birth, the back of my brain is prepared to adjust to whatever comes our way. That said, I’ve been listening to birth meditations for a few weeks now and plan to continue to do so until Baby T decides to make his or her arrival. I strongly believe in the importance of mentally preparing for childbirth and have been doing a lot of reading on this topic. My absolute favourite book is Ina May’s guide to Childbirth (which I plan to re-read leading up to the birth!).

New and exciting updates!

I have two very exciting announcements that I am going to be sharing soon. One of them involves  my love for sharing natural, holistic and lifestyle products that I trust and love, and the other one is a project with an amazing partner focused all around making healthy meals simpler, cheaper and easier to incorporate in your busy life. Make sure that you’re following me over on Facebook and Instagram to get the updates over the next few weeks and months!


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