An IgG food sensitivity test is a very simple blood spot test that can easily be conducted at home through a special kit. The results of an IgG food sensitivity test reveals if there are particular foods the body does not react to well.

Working together we can:

  • Identify which foods your body may be sensitive to and what underlying issues they may be causing in the body (skin, digestive, pain)
  • Determine alternatives for common foods you may be sensitive to
  • Create a realistic and easy to follow meal plan
  • Create a schedule for when to reintroduce the foods

Unlike a food allergy, known as a IgE reaction (immunoglobulin E) which creates an immediate reaction after ingesting or coming in to contact with a food allergen, the IgG antibody response does not include an antigen-antibody response. What this means is that IgG food sensitivities are much more subtle, often going unnoticed because the reaction to the IgG antibodies (and symptoms) are sometimes produced several hours or days after exposure to the food containing allergen.

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