with Holistic Nutritionist Michelle Tirmandi, BA, B.Ed, CNP

Are you looking to meet with a nutritionist to learn which foods and lifestyle habits that you should be implementing in order for you to reach your health and nutrition goals?

Book a session with Michelle to review your nutrition and wellness questions and get some healthy tips, tricks and strategies to help you to feel your very best!

We’ll discuss the best food, supplement and holistic lifestyle recommendations for your needs. You’ll be sent a follow up e-mail with all of your holistic recommendations afterwards as well as given the opportunity to ask me any of your questions following your appointment.

  • 60 minute Skype or phone session
  • 5 Day Food Journal Review
  • Personalized Nutrition Analysis (to highlight nutrient deficiencies)

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I actually feel great about the way I’ve been eating. The whole thing has been really positive and the choices I’ve made when it comes to eating have made me feel much better. We have ‘jeans day’ Fridays at the office and this past Friday I slipped into my jeans and they just felt different – good different. I also used to get really bad bloating and really painful gasses sometimes and all of that went away this week. My mood was much better – I have just been happier and I have felt more energetic. I went to my barre workout class this weekend and I just felt like I had all this energy. The change has been fairly significant for me so I am hoping to keep this up as much as I can.


My program has taught me what clean eating is and how to incorporate it into my life. I am more conscious of what I eat and drink now and have eliminated sugar, caffeine, and highly processed foods from my diet. I try to eat organic whole foods and follow a plant-based diet as much as possible. The grocery store shopping tour and shopping guide were extremely valuable in setting me up for success. Since starting this program six weeks ago, I have lost 16 pounds and gone down a size. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in putting a bounce in their step and sleeping more restfully.


I have been pretty educated about clean eating for 7 years now, and have, in the past, lost a lot of weight eating clean.  However, in the past 2 years, I lost my focus and gained weight.  This past fall I decided to go “hardcore” and yet only lost 2 pounds in 5 weeks .  I was pretty devastated.  Then I asked Michelle for help.  She gave me some really wonderful advise and suggestions, and putting those to use, I have already lost 10 pounds in a month.  As exciting as that is, weight loss isn’t what this is solely about.  Michelle’s advise has opened my eyes to living this way for the long haul.  No more “8 weeks”, or “10 weeks”, just living a clean life on a daily basis.  Michelle was so thorough in her questioning, that I knew that every piece of advise she gave me was tailored just for me, with no judgement.  Thank you so much Michelle!  I really didn’t know what to do, but your knowledge and approachable demeanour have made a world of difference to me.