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Welcome to Michelle Nutrition. I’m Michelle Tirmandi and I’m on a mission to help women eat healthy in a simple way.

I’m also a busy mama, wife, yogi, recipe developer and wellness industry consultant.

I believe that going back to the basics when it comes to nutrition is usually the best solution and I aim to work with my clients to figure out how to make small lifestyle changes – that add up over time.

With a former corporate marketing career, I understand the reality of hectic schedules and aim to offer my support, guidance and realistic life hacks to help to make things simple when it comes to nutrition. I’m passionate about providing healthy food ideas and simple recipes to moms, and I encourage my clients to be intentional about how they plan their meals for the week.

I’m also a believer in moderated-moderation and believe that true health also includes a emotional and spiritual health. I believe that food should be celebrated and enjoyed, and I aim to take the focus off of calories, instead prioritizing whole foods, healthy habits, and mindful, intuitive eating.

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My educational background is in psychology and teaching. This helps me to connect with my clients on a personal level by developing a deeper understanding of their personal habits, lifestyle, emotions, thought patterns and belief systems around wellness.

After the birth of my daughter in October 2016, I made the decision to focus my practice on working with moms and moms-to-be. I have a special interest in using whole foods to help women balance their hormones.

When I’m not seeing clients or in the kitchen testing out new recipes, I enjoy travelling with my daughter Isla and husband Jon, reading books on self development and entrepreneurship, yoga, hiking and scouting new restaurants with my girlfriends.

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