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Welcome! I am Michelle Tirmandi, Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist & Online Wellness Coach working with women & brides who want to lose weight, gain more energy, get ‘the glow’ and transition to a healthier, holistic lifestyle!

About Michelle Tirmandi, B.A, B.Ed, CNP

In a nutshell, I’m all about eating whole foods in a way that feels good!

You know the feeling of wanting to feel like you are your healthiest and best self? The feeling of knowing that you are nourishing your body with all of the best nutrition and moving your body the way that makes you feel your best?

I know that feeling. Very, very well.

For so many years, all I ever wanted was to feel ‘balanced’ and like I could eat whatever I wanted without worrying about gaining weight, getting super bloated and feeling tired or anxious. I wanted to actually enjoy excercise and healthy eating, and frankly I wanted it to seem effortless.

Then I learned how to nourish by body instead of  punishing my body and everything changed for me….

I learned to tune in to how the food I was eating was making me feel, both mentally and physically. I also learned which beauty and skin care products were toxic and messed with my hormones, leaving my moods feeling crazy and my skin looking tired and dull.

Trust me when I say that I have been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and that I have learned a ton along my path!

Now my focus is all about teaching you to eat a delicious, whole foods based diet that will help to lose weight (naturally, as a side effect of good health), balance pesky hormones (say goodbye to breakouts!), and leave you feeling ah-mazing in your skin!

My goal is to get you to feel nourished too, so that you can feel confidant in your body and truly glow from the inside too!

I also whole-heartedly believe the process needs to be fun and enjoyable in order for the results to last.

The truth is that I don’t like to fuss or obsess about calories and perfection (been there, done that and have figured out a way better way to eat healthy). I believe in whole foods, reasonable portions and eating in a way that actually feels good for your body!

I’m also an educator, a true teacher at heart, that can’t help but share everything I know with you so that you actually get it when it comes to wellness and nutrition (lets be real – it is damn confusing!).

I also want to help to you to fall in love with food. I’m talking about helping you to erase those food hang ups, for good!. It can sometimes be a challenge, but my hope is to support you and show you that eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or filled with deprivation.

A few notes about me on the personal side. I’m a travel-obsessed, cat-cuddling, cookie monster who also knows how to indulge (wine, cheese, chocolate, yes please!).

 I’m also an introvert who loves trees, documentaries, jeopardy and super cheesy crime drama. My favourite workouts are Barre3, yoga, skiing and skating (I have a thing for balance and flexibility but hate weights!).

I’m bigtime into my family and have been married to my love, Jon, for almost 3 years. I love all things weddings and especially adore helping brides to look and feel absolutely amazing on their big day through my nutrition programs.

And last but not least, I live in the amazing city Toronto, Canada but spend most of my time behind my laptop screen because almost all of the work I do, and all of the clients I see are located on the interwebs!

Want to learn more about how you can lose weight, get glowing skin and fix your relationship with food? Lets do this….! Click here to schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation to learn how I can help you!

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I love all things weddings! The day that I got married was the most magical day of my life and my hope is to help all brides walk down the aisle feeling like the most confidant and beautiful version of themselves too!

My Story

As a teen and in to my early twenties I battled an eating disorder. It wasn’t fun…restrictive and controlling rituals around eating, and my obsession with calories and exercise consumed me. I gained weight and lost weight several times, and also struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression. As I grew older, my relationship with food slowly began to heal but it wasn’t until later that things would shift for me…

Soon after I graduated from university with an Honours Psychology degree and a Bachelors of Education, I realized I was unsure of my career choice to become a teacher and ended up taking a job at an ad agency  only to find myself unhappy and struggling again with both my mental and physical health. My weight yo-yo’d up and down, my energy levels plummeted, my skin looked dull and my hair began to fall out.

I saw Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Nutritionist and to my surprise, a lot of my ailments were related to my diet and lifestyle (I thought I was actually pretty healthy!). This was my wake up call and turning point to finally transform my health and my life as a result. Healing my body came through a change in my diet and lifestyle. I incorporated more whole foods, smoothies, juices and even incorporated some organic meat back in my diet. I also learned to cut the sugar, caffeine, dairy and gluten that was making me feel horrible! The changes didn’t happen overnight but soon enough I noticed drastic changes in my body (I no longer worried about my weight), my skin was glowing, my energy was back and my hair stopped falling out – I was elated!

After this experience, I soon found myself falling more and more in love with holistic health and began to learn everything I could about holistic nutrition, cooking, whole foods weight loss, hormonal health, skin health, mindfulness and the emotional and psychological connection between the relationship to food.

Click here to schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation to learn how I can help you!

Alongside these changes in my health came some other pretty big changes in my life. I left the agency world to work in a brand management role at a company that I adored (Genuine Health). I also went back to study Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto and graduated with first class honours.

Today as Holistic Nutritionist and Online Wellness Coach I run my full time online business, Michelle Nutrition from my home in Toronto. I help educate, inspire and support women by showing them exactly how they can take control of their health and body. Through my online 6 and 12 week personalized online nutrition programs I teach women exactly how to lose weight by eating a whole foods diet, how to eat the foods that will make your skin glow and how to incorporate other holistic habits to improve your health and life.

My goal is to help you glow from the inside out! 

Click here to schedule a 20 minute complimentary consultation to learn how I can help you!